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Should I Replace My Garage Door?

Here’s something you don’t hear often: If you do this right, you will probably never have to do it again.

What are we talking about? Replacing your garage door.

Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to their garage door as long as it opens and closes at the push of a button. What a great convenience these automated systems have become and what a pleasure it is to have safety and security at one’s home. But sometimes a new door is necessary.

A quality garage door can last for many years. It should be strong and durable. As it is likely a one-time deal to replace it, it makes good sense to avoid a cheap replacement and to invest a little time in getting this job done right.

Affina Door Company offers you the type of sales, installation, and service you want. And we have a few tips for you as you consider the best way to replace your garage door:

• Stay away from wood doors. They require a lot of maintenance to maintain their shiny look, given their exposure to the weather. If you like the look of wood, a garage door with a composite overlay or fiberglass skin can give you that, plus the durability you want.

• Get your quote in-person. Even though many neighborhoods build to standard sizes, homes can settle. There may be some size and shape issues detectable to a pro. Remember that this may be once in a lifetime. Let’s get it right! And let’s get it from Affina.