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Top 5 Benefits of Automated Gates

​Automated gates aren’t just for lavish mansions or government facilities. These high-tech gates help property owners to protect their homes and businesses. So whether you have a family home or a commercial business, an automated gate might just be your ideal fencing solution. Here’s why:

Perimeter Control

Whether you own a large piece of land for your home or business, knowing who’s on your property will give you peace of mind. Automated gates give you the option to install a pass-code or card reader for increased perimeter control. 


Fencing and automated gates can also give you amore privacy. Most automated gates are installed  away from your home or building, which can help to reduce the risk of nosy neighbors, peeping toms, and random drivers using your driveway.

Property Value

Installing a fencing system with an automated gate component can also increase your property’s value. By installing this kind of security, you make it less likely for your property to be damaged by criminals, car accidents, and more. This in turn will raise its value on the market.


Automated gates are much more convenient than traditional, manual gates. With an automated one, the process is just a push of a button. Many gates today can also sense when your car passes through and will close automatically behind you.


Along with security from trespassers, automated gates can also improve safety on your property. If you have young children or pets, you’ll be able to let them play outside without the risk and danger of them running into street traffic. 

Automated gates come in a range of styles and can slide, swing, or lift, depending on your preference. Our team at Affina Door Company has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the best automated gate options available. You can contact us for a free quote and consultation whenever you’re looking for garage door or gate service.