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Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Doors

The great Judy Garland had a hit with “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” and many others (The Coasters, Rufus Wainwright) have covered this jazzy number.

Anyone with a motorized garage door knows the other version: “Bang! Went the Springs of My Door.”

The springs (or single spring, depending on the size of your garage door) provide the muscle and stability of your door. There’s a lot of tension involved in holding a 225-pound door steady as it glides up and down. Usually, for just a few extra bucks, you can not only replace but upgrade the springs.

Garage doors generally use torsion springs. These coiled pieces can usually be found above the door and they’re strong, but not without a lifespan. The average torsion spring is rated for about 10,000 cycles, give or take. Sounds like a massive amount of openings and closings, doesn’t it?

Consider this, though. If you open and close the garage door six times a day, which is a good general average, 10,000 cycles provide a little less than five years of service. Spending an extra $50-100 when you must replace the spring or when you buy a new garage door will get you a spring rated for 20,000 cycles. That’s twice the expected life and less than the cost of a service call.

Good maintenance helps your springs stay healthy. Affina Door Company can help you with that care and with replacement of springs and doors. Call us today for your repair and sales needs!