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Why You Should Call A Repair Specialist for Your Garage Door

Although you might be able to do some home renovation projects without help, it’s better to call in professionals for technical jobs like repairing a garage door. Here are some reasons why:

Safety Is Primary

Wooden garage doors and double garage doors are extremely heavy. The chances are that it may weigh more are even higher if you have not regularly maintained it. When attempting to repair their garage doors independently, hundreds of individuals have been severely injured.

You May Not Have The Appropriate Experience

The chances are that you don’t know how to fully handle a garage door repairs. How do the various hardware parts connect and collaborate? And, more importantly, how can you lift the door? If you don’t know, why put yourself through all of this trouble?

Contact Us Today!

Someone who becomes an expert in garage door installation and repair knows the tips and tricks to do their job quickly and efficiently, no matter how difficult the conditions or location. Affina Door can help identify your needs and provide you with doors that would make your life comfortable! Contact us for a free quote and consultation

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Should You Opt for Faux Wood Garage Doors?

Who does not want a beautiful, aesthetically appealing, and well-made garage door? After all, it is what adds to the property’s appearance and appeal. It is the most sought-after improvement. Real wood doors are costly and difficult to maintain; faux wood garage doors are a sensible and more affordable option.

Benefits of Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux wood and real wood garage doors have a similar feel in terms of appearance, making them nearly impossible to tell apart. Let’s look at the advantages of faux wood garage doors in further detail.


The cost of utilizing fake wood for garage doors is one of its greatest advantages. Real wood is a pricey option that gets more costly with variations. Oak, mahogany, cedar, and other woods are among the many types available. The most inexpensive plywood variant is quite thin and therefore has a low price tag.


Faux garage doors are constructed of materials such as steel or fiberglass, so they don’t require much upkeep. If not handled properly, wooden doors may fracture, decay, warp, or fade. Because garage doors constructed of fake wood do not require any maintenance, they don’t need to be painted. Because they are composed of steel, fiberglass, or composite material, rotting, cracking, and warping are not issues.


One of the benefits of utilizing a faux wood garage door is that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. This feature makes it a great choice for areas where normal wooden garage doors would otherwise perish due to climatic conditions. Steel or aluminum are also insect-proof and vermin-free, ensuring that rodents and other insects don’t get inside your home.

We, as professionals, are up to date with the dynamic changes of the industry. Affina Door Company knows all the pros and cons related to the choice of garage doors. Contact us today for more details.

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What is an Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

Garage doors are an important feature of houses. Garage door efficiency reduces energy consumption and makes life easier for homeowners. Using eco-friendly doors would result in increased efficiency by a lot.

We’ve developed a lot of technology over the last few years. There are many alternatives for virtually everything these days, with their own set of advantages and drawbacks. Continue reading to learn what energy-efficient garage doors are and why you should consider investing in one.

What is an Eco-friendly Energy-Efficient Garage Door?

An energy-efficient garage door is designed to have the lowest environmental effect. The list of criteria for determining whether a garage door is an environmentally friendly option or not is provided below:

  • Eco-friendly construction materials used for the door.
  • Life of the product.
  • Its strength to bear weather extremes, for example, strong winds.
  • Its efficiency to conserve energy after the installation process.
  • The construction process with recycled materials.

When a garage door meets all of the above requirements, its considered a green or environmentally friendly garage door.

Benefits of Using an Energy-Efficient Garage Door

Saving Energy And Cost — A green or energy-efficient door will keep your garage area warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cost-Effective Maintenance — More energy-efficient garage doors are made of long-lasting, robust materials. They have a greater expected life than other alternatives.

Sound Proofing — One of the most important aspects of green garage doors is insulation. They keep the heat in and block noise from entering and exiting.

Adds to the Curb Appeal — Your home is an asset. There will come a time when you’ll want to move on for a better job or a bigger, nicer home. Going green is a big decision, but it will pay off in the long run. When thinking about going eco-friendly, Affina Door is the place to go. We’ll hook you up with the greatest alternatives at the best prices. Contact us for a free quote and consultation whenever you’re looking for garage door service and/or installation.

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How to Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage

Mice are capable of infiltrating many homes, particularly those near farmland and grassy areas of vegetation. Mice are more likely to enter houses in search of warmth, food, and shelter — and your garage may be an ideal location. If you’re wondering how to keep mice out of your garage, here’s how:

Signs of Mice In Garage

Mice are nocturnal feeders that tend to live in groups. If you can’t locate the actual mice in your garage, you may encounter clusters of droppings. Mouse droppings are black or brown and resemble rice grains under a magnifying glass.

Another thing to be on the lookout for is tears and holes in bags of edibles. A mouse can consume dog food, cat food, or birdseed, and they may nibble and rip through any bags that get in their way.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Garage

You’ll need to get rid of any elements that make the garage a welcoming environment for them. Making it more difficult for mice to enter will aid a lot, as will removing food and hiding places.

  • Remove and minimize any clutter to expose hiding places, especially along walls and corners.
  • Mice can easily rip through bags, so keep food for cats, dogs, or birds in sealed plastic bins or containers.
  • Avoid keeping trash bins in the garage, and make sure they’re closed tightly to prevent mice from getting in and smells from getting out.
  • Check for entry points in the walls, especially near conduits for pipes or cables. Seal or caulk them off completely. No gap is too small; mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a dime!
  • Examine your garage door to make sure it closes and seals completely. Have a professional come out for an inspection.

There may be mice in your garage even if you can’t see them. If you’re having difficulties sealing your garage door against mice, get help from a professional. Our team at Affina Door Company is ready to help. Contact us today!

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Carport or Garage: Which Option is Right for You?

If you are a homeowner with one or more vehicles, you might be wondering whether a carport or garage is the better choice. The answer depends on various factors, including your budget, lifestyle, and location. Here are some ways to help you determine which option is best for you.

Benefits of a Garage

Protection — Most vehicles spend most of the time parked, so the security of your parking space is crucial. A garage is fully enclosed and locked, and will provide better protection from theft and weather. 

Convenience — An attached garage is more convenient when you’re packing for a road trip or bringing in groceries. With a garage, you also reduce the risk of falling victim to criminals or slipping in bad weather.

Space — Many homeowners use the extra space in their garages to store items like power tools, emergency supplies, and maintenance equipment. You can’t do this with carports since they aren’t closed off.

Benefits of a Carport

Building — Carports are easier and cost less to build. They also don’t require you to follow the same building codes as a garage since they don’t have electrical wiring, windows, or closed walls.

Less Clutter — Since carports aren’t a secure space, people don’t store unneeded items there. The size and structure of carports don’t allow you to create unnecessary clutter, ensuring you always have a secure parking space.

Energy-efficiency — Since carports don’t require electric door openers, lighting, and other energy-consuming features, you’ll save on energy consumption. This will have a positive impact on your energy bills.

Still unsure of which option is right for you? Our team at Affina Door Company is here to help you come to the best decision. Contact us today and get your free estimate!

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Is a Sliding Garage Door Right for You?

A sliding garage door is not the most affordable garage access option available, but it is without a doubt one of the most durable, efficient, and easiest systems to operate. They are hassle-free and dependable doors you can have in your house. Here’s why they might be right for you:


These doors have tracks and sprinters on them which helps it move. It should have twin rollers at the bottom of the door in an adjusted floor rail to allow the garage door to open and close smoothly.

Slide-up Garage Doors

This style of sliding garage door offers an opening and shutting activity that is smooth and requires the least amount of physical exertion. It can also be mechanized and remotely controlled.

Side Sliding Garage Doors

This garage door option slides horizontally. It’s a great solution if you don’t have a lot of overhead space in your garage. Side sliding garage sectional doors are also perfect for those who have limited mobility and can’t bend easily.

By installing the sliding garage door, you can enjoy the opportunity of being free from the hassle of requiring extra overhead space in your garage door. Affina Door can help identify your needs and provide you with doors that would make your life comfortable! Contact us for a free quote and consultation

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Best Ways to Heat Your Garage in New Jersey

While garages are one of the most important parts of a house, they don’t have insulation to keep the room warm. If you’ve converted your garage space into an area for crafting, it can get cold quickly. Before you rush out and buy any garage heater, here’s what you should know about the types of heaters you can find.

Types of Garage Heaters

There are many mobile, and more permanent options, you can use to heat your garage. The most popular choice is electric, but you may want to consider one of these lesser-known options too.

Electric — For small or attached garages, an electric heater is ideal. Their compact size and portability means you can place them right next to your work area. They also have some added safety measures like an automatic shut-off.

Propane — Propane heaters, like electric ones, are readily transportable and affordable. These are ideal if you need to move around while working on projects.

Natural Gas — Natural gas heaters are similar to small furnaces, and can be a good option if you’re willing to spend a little more. It’s important to note that these heaters need professional installation and once installed, they’re there to stay.

Radiant Heat — Radiant heaters are another great choice, especially if you spend a lot of time in your garage. These also run on natural gas, but use infrared rays to heat up the area. They’re very efficient and effective, but also a heftier investment.

Garage Insulation

A more permanent and efficient solution is to consider insulating your garage. Most aren’t insulated sufficiently, which is why they’re usually cold during Winter. If you spend a good amount of time working in your garage, enlist a professional contractor to insulate the area.

Our team at Affina Door Company has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the best options for your garage. You can contact us for a free quote and consultation whenever you’re looking for garage door or gate service.

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Don’t Let Snow and Ice Damage Your Garage Door

With Winter weather officially here, it’s only a matter of time before snow and ice start to take over your driveway. Snow can affect the integrity of your garage door so it’s important to clear any snow and ice build up before it becomes a major issue. Here are some of the problems you might run into over the winter season.

Broken springs

One of the most common issues for homeowners during the winter are broken springs. The cold air can compromise the metal in the springs and cause them to crack and break. You can test their integrity by lifting the garage door and letting it go. If it stays in place, your springs are still in good shape. 

Track misalignment

Over time and with colder temperatures, the garage door tracks can warp and cause the doors to misalign. When the roller isn’t connected to the track, the door won’t open or close. To make sure your garage door is working properly, you should have it inspected every few months. 

Cracked vinyl

If your garage doors are made of plastic or vinyl, there is a chance snow and cold air can cause the material to crack, especially if the temperature dips below freezing. Likewise, the rubber that seals the door from water and insects can become brittle and may need to be replaced. 

Our team at Affina Door Company has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the best garage door options for you. You can contact us for a free quote and consultation whenever you’re looking for garage door service and/or installation.

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What to Do if You Garage Door Won’t Close

A garage door that won’t close can be very frustrating. Garage door openers have safety sensors which can go bad due excess sun or water exposure, physical damage, or age. Here’s what you should do if your door isn’t closing.

Check for misaligned sensors

Sensor misalignment is one of the most common problems for garage doors. They sit a few inches off the ground and can get blocked or hit in a busy home. Even if you see lights on your safety sensors, it still might be misaligned. If one of the sensors gets bumped or hit slightly out of alignment, it could cause intermittent issues closing your garage door. 

Safety sensor wiring might be damaged

It’s also common for the wiring to get damaged by household and lawn tools. Many homeowners keep shovels, rakes, and trash cans in the front corners of their garage which can get caught on the sensor wiring. If you are having issues, see if the wire is intact and there aren’t any broken wires.

Your sensors are getting weak

Garage door openers are equipped with a sending sensor and a receiving sensor. Over time, the sensors can weaken, making it harder to align the safety sensors. If this is the case, you might need to replace the pair of safety sensors for new ones.

If you’re still having problems, it’s best to call a professional to help. At Affina Door Company, we can help fix your garage door and have it working properly again. Contact us today!

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Top 5 Benefits of Automated Gates

​Automated gates aren’t just for lavish mansions or government facilities. These high-tech gates help property owners to protect their homes and businesses. So whether you have a family home or a commercial business, an automated gate might just be your ideal fencing solution. Here’s why:

Perimeter Control

Whether you own a large piece of land for your home or business, knowing who’s on your property will give you peace of mind. Automated gates give you the option to install a pass-code or card reader for increased perimeter control. 


Fencing and automated gates can also give you amore privacy. Most automated gates are installed  away from your home or building, which can help to reduce the risk of nosy neighbors, peeping toms, and random drivers using your driveway.

Property Value

Installing a fencing system with an automated gate component can also increase your property’s value. By installing this kind of security, you make it less likely for your property to be damaged by criminals, car accidents, and more. This in turn will raise its value on the market.


Automated gates are much more convenient than traditional, manual gates. With an automated one, the process is just a push of a button. Many gates today can also sense when your car passes through and will close automatically behind you.


Along with security from trespassers, automated gates can also improve safety on your property. If you have young children or pets, you’ll be able to let them play outside without the risk and danger of them running into street traffic. 

Automated gates come in a range of styles and can slide, swing, or lift, depending on your preference. Our team at Affina Door Company has the knowledge and experience to help you understand the best automated gate options available. You can contact us for a free quote and consultation whenever you’re looking for garage door or gate service.