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Things You Should Consider Before Installing A Garage Door Yourself

Garage doors are tough and strong, but that doesn’t mean they can go without a little love and care.

With a motor, springs, and rollers, your garage door and opener comprise a mechanism that hoists and lowers upwards of 225 pounds for a double door with the click of a button. Like any similar device, a garage door and motor require maintenance – the kind of maintenance and attention you get from Affina Door Company and its professional staff.

Your door and motor should be serviced twice a year. Lubrication of rollers, hinges, and springs keeps parts moving smoothly. The weather seal and bottom seal also need a periodic look. And we’ll make sure your gear drive is doing its job moving that door up and down, while paying attention to the belt or chain

When the system needs some TLC, you will likely know it. If the operation of the door is no longer smooth or unusual sounds catch your attention, it is certainly time for a look-see by our experienced and qualified technicians. Other problems can emanate from an unbalanced door and failure of the automatic reverse. We’ll make sure the door operates properly and at the right speed.

Our knowledge and experience, along with our dedicated team, is what sets Affina Door Company apart from our competitors. We would love to work with you the next time you are looking for service and/or installation of garage doors and gates. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.