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Why Does a Garage Door Rust?

Although it’s impossible to completely rust-proof any metallic surface, you can extend the longevity of your garage door by taking measures to prevent water and salt damage. Water is one of the main causes of garage door rust, but salt can accelerate the process. So if you live in an environment that has a lot of salt in the air or water, make sure to take extra steps to protect your door from moisture.

But by maintaining it with a good coat of paint and regularly oiling the joints, you can delay rust from developing. Rust is quite a common issue that almost every homeowner will face at some point. Here are some additional reasons why garage doors may rust:

Causes of Garage Door Rust

Environmental Factors Causes Rust

Because salt considerably speeds up the rusting process, your location will have a big effect. If you’re close to the ocean, your garage door is more likely to rust from salt in the air that gets blown onto it. In colder climates, ice accumulating on your door will cause rusting. Furthermore, living in humid or moist areas also increases the risk of garage doors rusting.

A layer of orange pollen can sometimes accumulate on your garage door in spring. To see if this is the reason, wash it with tap water.

Door Quality

The rust on your garage door is formed when the Iron present combines with Oxygen to produce Iron-oxide. The thinner and lighter your door, the faster it will corrode. Therefore, you need a metal garage door that won’t succumb to corrosion quickly.

Too Much Dirt In The Joints

If you don’t clean your doors, they’ll rust faster. Oiling the joints, dusting the door, and servicing the mechanism on a schedule will prevent it from rusting. If you can’t do it yourself or you’re out of town, hire us to clean your garage door for you.

Although garage doors inevitably rust over time, there are measures you can take to prevent it. Make sure to schedule regular cleanings of your door and its mechanisms to ensure that dirt doesn’t build up and cause additional rusting. If you live in New Jersey and need help with maintaining or repairing your garage door, reach out to Affina Door today!